Prevent a Disaster by Inspecting Your Plumbing

Prevent a Disaster by Inspecting Your Plumbing

We’ve all been there. It’s 2 AM and all of a sudden, a pipe bursts or your plumbing clogs at an inconvenient time. Did you know that you could have prevented these disasters by completing a simple home plumbing inspection? By thoroughly inspecting each aspect of your home plumbing system you can easily spot trouble spots and thwart future disasters. Be sure to follow the tips from Mr. Rooter for a healthy and efficient plumbing system in your Murfreesboro TN home.

Look for leakage 

As the telltale sign of plumbing issues, leaks indicate that there is a problem with your plumbing system. Double check all exposed pipes for clear signs of leakage. If you have covered pipes in walls, floors or other parts of your home, look around your walls, ceilings and floors for water marks or puddles. If you find significant leakage from your plumbing system in your home, call a professional plumber right away to handle the situation.

Have you checked the toilet?


Sure, no one really wants to check out their toilet for damage, leakage or anything else! But, if you don’t take the time to inspect your plumbing, you could end up spending a large sum of money down the road to fix a substantial plumbing problem. Check inside the toilet tank and inspect the multiple parts. Are they broken? Worn down? Rusted? If so, they need to be replaced at your earliest convenience.

Be on the lookout for mildew

Just like leaks and puddles, mildew is a clear sign that a plumbing problem has occurred. This means that water has been (or is) where it should not be. When looking around your pipes for leaks, be sure to thoroughly inspect for mildew as well.

How’s your washing machine doing?

With the mass amount of water and energy that a washing machine uses, over time it can get worn down and lead to pipe cracks or problems. Be sure to regularly check your washing machine pipes for clear cracks, holes, or any other signs of damage. It is in your best interest to call a professional plumbing service to repair these issues.

The key to thwarting plumbing problems is to actively prevent them. Call the plumbing team at Mr. Rooter today at the first sign of plumbing trouble!

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