Reduce Your Water Bill Each Month With these 3 Conservation Tips

Reduce Your Water Bill Each Month With these 3 Conservation Tips

Are you tired of spending too much month after month on water?  Did you know that you can actively reduce your monthly water bill with a few simple tricks and tips? Instead of becoming alienated over the amount of water you use each month, simply use these three tips.  

In the Kitchen


From running the dishwasher to using water in recipes, your kitchen uses quite a bit of water. Depending on how much you cook, use dishes, or schedule time to wash all of your dishes, you may be using far more water than necessary.

Instead of wasting water by washing dishes on a regular basis, fill your sink with water (height of water may differ relevant to amount of dishes) and let your dishes soak for a few hours. All of the crusty leftover food will come right off and you’ll only have to use a little bit of water to rinse the dishes clean.


If you are an avid gardener, you may be wasting far too much water when you garden or water your plants. Most amateur gardeners use a hose to blast their plants with a large waterfall spray. This technique, in fact, wastes more water and provides less to your garden.

Instead, try this watering technique. Think of your garden hose as a water transportation device. Bring your hose all the way up to your garden and place the end near the bottom of your plants. Rather than putting the hose on ‘blast’, provide your garden with a moderate stream of water. This is better for your garden and your monthly bill!

In the Bathroom

Think about this – do you leave the water running when you brush your teeth? Imagine just how much water is being wasted with every stroke of the toothbrush! The next time you brush your teeth, turn the water off and watch your water bill fall.

If you try these techniques and your water bill is still extremely high, your plumbing may be broken! When you need a repair, give Mr. Rooter of Murfreesboro TN a call at 877-766-8305.

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